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Fees policy

Notwithstanding any Trial period, Customer(s) shall be charged according to the Pack chosen by them as specified in the Services Page on the Site. Customer(s) agree to pay all Subscription Fees due for their monthly subscription to the Services. By subscribing to the Services or Packs, Customer(s) authorize us to deduct the Subscription Fees as and when it falls due, that is, at the start of the Services. Unless sooner terminated, Customer(s) acknowledge and agree that their Subscription will automatically renew for additional periods on or around each Renewal Date. We reserve the right to add/drop Services, and/or change the Pack rates as and when we deem fit. If there are any changes made in the Subscription Fees, the same shall be notified to the Customer(s) by posting an announcement on the Site and such shall become effective, and shall be deemed accepted by the Customer(s) 24 hours after the initial posting and shall apply immediately to all the future transactions. If any Customer(s) does not agree with any of such changes, he/she can terminate their use of the Services. The Subscription Fee is inclusive of VAT and/or sales tax as applicable in the accessible area of Services. Any other tax is the sole responsibility of the Customer(s).

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